Advent Retreat

Join Leah Darrow and Sr. Miriam as they lead a Virtual Advent Retreat to help prepare our hearts for Advent. This Virtual Retreat is a deeply Marian approach to bringing forth Christ into our lives - no matter the season.

What's Included 

  • Recorded Advent Retreat

    Take part in the Recorded Advent Retreat with Leah Darrow and Sr. Miriam from Nov.28.

  • Recorded Q&A

    Listen to the Recorded Q&A session with Leah Darrow and Sr. Miriam. 

Meet the Speakers

Leah Darrow
Leah Darrow is an international Catholic speaker who inspires others to embrace Christ's mercy, reclaim beauty, and become who God made them to be. She was on the reality TV show America's Next Top Model before experiencing a conversion back to her Catholic faith. She holds a Masters degree in Theology from Augustine Institute. She is a mama to soon-to-be-six wild saints-in-training and wife to a pretty cool dude named Ricky.

Sr Miriam James Heidland​
Sr Miriam James Heidland is former Division I athlete who had a radical conversion and joined the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) in 1998. Sr. Miriam also speaks at seminaries, priest convocations and healing retreats for priests. She holds a Masters degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute and speaks extensively on the topics of conversion, authentic love, forgiveness, healing (and sports!). 

What's Included With Premium

  • Access to Recordings

    Keep the Advent momentum going! After the Advent Retreat you will have access to the recordings and bonus features for 90 Days.

  • Advent-Eats and Treats for the Family - Presented by Lisa Cotter

    In these recorded videos join Lisa Cotter as she helps you liturgically bake your way through Advent!

  • How-To Advent for Married Couples

    Join Leah and Ricky for a video on how to navigate Advent for married couples!

  • Advent Retreat Program PDF

    Included with your Premium purchase is the Advent Retreat Program PDF.

Premium Access


  • Access to Recorded Advent Retreat

  • Access to Recorded Q&A

  • 90 Day Access to Recordings

  • How-To Advent for Married Couples

  • Advent-Eats and Treats for Kids

  • Advent Retreat Program PDF